Executive Search

At Fructus, Senior Level Executive Search is a rigorous and systematic process involving the following sequence of actions:

  • Going beyond the Brief
    understanding all the dimensions of the job including reporting -relationships, company culture, critical success factors and key deliverables in order to get a holistic perspective.

  • Research and Sourcing
    based on the above our team of Researchers will come up with a preliminary list of names from same/allied industries who may fit the bill.

  • Screening and Interviews
    the above list of probables is further pruned down to the most relevant after screening and Interview.

  • Client Meeting/Negotiations/Reference Checks
    we support the client at every step of the way by participating actively during the client meeting and negotiations and subsequently do a thorough Reference check independently.

  • Offer
    We are at hand to advise the client during the offer stage by sharing insights on the market scenario and trends and by participating in the negotiations on behalf of the client.

  • Post placement follow-up
    We stay in touch with the candidate regularly and keep the client advised.

Creating sustainable competitive advantage by hiring capable business leaders with the most relevant skills and experience.