Fructus Value proposition

Cost effective || Contemporary || Customized

Modular HR
Fructus Consultants will offer assured savings to organizations with the ‘Modular HR’ approach offering them the flexibility to scale up HR processes and systems in sync with the organization’s growth, promoter's vision and the competitive landscape.

What is Modular HR?
Modular HR allows organizations to scale up as per their specific needs block-by-block adding only those HR components which are absolutely essential at that point while at the same time being future ready by being nimble footed.

Why Modular HR?
Let’s face it- talented HR professionals are difficult to locate, expensive to hire and a challenge to retain!

Enter Fructus:

  • Organizations do not have to invest in hiring a battalion of full time HR professionals
  • No headaches of retaining, attrition, re-hiring and re-training with all the attendant costs
  • Highly cost effective considering the above, modular HR is designed as ‘pay for what you use’. For example, a start-up might begin with just RPO and Payroll Management services and as the organization evolves and matures it may choose to implement PMS and link it with need based Training and Variable Pay.